Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Official CrossFit Affiliate Order...

Special thanks go to Najla and Luke of CrossFit Scottsdale for tasting my Paleo Women Granola's and jumping on the band wagon to inform other CrossFitters of these delicious bites!  Can't wait for CrossFit Scottsdale members and visitors to experience the love. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Paleo Women Snacks & Granola's is up and running...

Wow, what a ride getting my Paleo Women business launched and recognized. I have loads of wonderful clients at Desert CrossFit who purchase my Paleo Granola's & Cookies from me on a regular basis. I have sent tasting kits to some of the CrossFit Affiliates in Southern California. A few of them know of my products but now I have my ecommerce website at http://www.paleowomen.com/ up and running for orders. Paleo Women is now in Jensens, Hadleys, Harvest Health & It's a Grind Coffee as well.  Working diligently and bringing back the Banana Nut Crunch & Cappuccino Crunch Granola's too. Lots to do still...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spreading the love.

I figured I'd hit up another CrossFit and spread the Paleo Women ju-ju.  I handed Katie of US CrossFit some samples of the granola, cookies and macaroons.  Can you say "happy camper"?  She thought everything was super yummy and I got the smiling photo to prove it.

Dropped off another batch at CrossFit San Elijo too.  We're on the move and the word is spreading.  Go us!

Peace out.
(Paleo Woman C)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Testing The Market

So after finishing a workout with my friend Brady I remembered that I had some Paleo Treats in my car......so I grabbed some to share.  Gotta spread the Paleo Women word at every opportunity, right?  He was already partway through a macaroon and I remembered.....OMG I need to take a photo!  Here's Brady sinking his teeth into a blonde macaroon and......well......what he thought of it.  I'd say that's a blissful two thumbs up!  :-)

A satisfied customer!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yeah!!! My first Paleo Women shipment was sent out yesterday!

I must confess, I am new to this blogging technology!  I forgot my post last night but I'll get it together.  I was like a little kid again when I sent out our very first shipped Paleo Women treats order to Texas yesterday to Richard at his CrossFit studio there.  Our fellow is really jazzed to taste these sweet morsels of delight - gee, can you tell how excited I am about our recipes!  After tasting our Cacao Macaroon, another fellow crossfitter said, "these are like little bites of happiness!"  Tomorrow will lead to more adventures in our set up so the world can click and enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OMG! The Paleo Women Adventure Begins...

So, we're sitting here at the table and I keep trying to put the word' "Treat" into our title, but Cheryl says, "No, Stop!" And Denise says, "they're going to get it!"